Debbie Gordon
Mediacs’ Managing Director, Debbie Gordon, has worked in the advertising and media industry for almost 20 years. Debbie has worked on child and adult directed brands and across a multitude of media disciplines with companies like Hershey, Heinz, Kraft, Alberto Culver, YTV, Much Music and Global.

Debbie understands the strategic thinking process that goes into creating the thousands of advertising messages that eventually find their way into children’s lives. Just as important, she is a parent of two children who watch their share of TV. They take advertising very seriously and she has a basement of discarded toys to prove it.


Randy Kohuch
Mediacs' Winnipeg based facilitator, Randy Kohuch has worked as a writer, creative director and broadcast producer in the advertising industry for almost 20 years. He has worked on national and regional advertising campaigns in a vast array of media for many clients including: McDonald's, General Motors, Investors Group, IMAX, Safeway, Sport Select, Warehouse One Jeans and Jazz Eye Wear to name just a few. Randy develops the strategies and writes and produces the creative executions that lead to the many ads adults and children see every day. As a parent of one young son, Randy sees first hand how advertising affects today's kids, and he valiantly copes with the influence his son tries to exert on the purchasing habits of the household.


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