Online expert Debbie Gordon answers your internet safety questions and offers advice to help parents better understand the world of the web.

QUICK— answer this question …

Kids spend how much time in front of TV and computer screens every week?
a) 8 hours b) 14 hours c) 22 hours d) 27 hours
(You can find the answer below.)

Now just for fun, based on the number you guessed try to figure out how many ads they see in an average week…in an average year?

Your answer to this question is why we’re here. Like it says, building media savvy kids is our business. We talk to kids about media and advertising in a language they can understand. After just one of our in-class workshops, kids look at media in a whole new way. We talk about what’s cool, what’s not, and how it got to be cool in the first place. We talk about brands, body-image, sexual stereotyping and the techniques advertisers use to sell to kids. In addition to kid culture and advertising, we've added a session to help kids sort through what's journalism, what's hype and what's hysteria. Add to this, the struggle to make sense of news events like the Iraqi war and September 11th, and you've got a pretty potent media stew. Through it all, Mediacs workshops empower our children teaching them to be critical thinkers.

Mediacs has received significant media exposure including:
In Print:
The Winnipeg Free Press — February 17, 2005—"Are you helping your kids find the hidden ads?" by Debbie Gordon
The Winnipeg Free Press — October 26, 2004—"Who's Pulling the Strings Here?" by Debbie Gordon
The Globe and Mail Cover Story, Weekend Review — June 5, 2004—"Can We Save These Kids?"
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The Globe and Mail — Dec 7, 2001 —"Kids: Don't believe everything you're sold"
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Professionally Speaking
Teach Magazine
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Interview with Shelagh Rogers: Decoding the marketing of junk food to kids
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CBC Radio — Metro Morning, Parenting Column Feature
— Karen Horseman
CBC Radio — Here and Now - April 29, 2003
CITY TV — Media Television in Episode 10_14 titled "Aducation"
CFRB — Nov 2, 2002 — Christina Chernesky call-in show
CITY TV — Breakfast Television - November 19, 2002
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with Johnathan Shaw Show
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The Learning Channel — National Cable Network — Feb 25

On this site you’ll find descriptions of our workshops, and how they benefit teachers, parents and students alike. There’s also other information about Mediacs and the people who make it all happen. So, go ahead and explore. When you’re done, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

For more information on Mediacs workshops including rates and booking schedule, call 416-462-3259 (fax 416-462-1304).

On average: 14 hours in front of the TV
5 on-line/video games